Food Plastic Storage Box

Food Plastic Storage Box

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Food Plastic Storage Box:

3605-22layers for flat fresh box

3605-3 3layers for flat fresh box
C / Q: 24PS
N / W: 14.1Kg

The plastic crisper is a plastic container made of food grade plastic raw materials used for food preservation, packaging, and heating. It is a household plastic product that is ubiquitous in our daily life and is an indispensable plastic container for household food storage. The plastic crisper is not only convenient and practical, but also can store food in different categories. Plastic crispers are available in a variety of styles and sizes. The square plastic crisper is suitable for refrigerator doors and can be used to store a variety of ingredients and leftovers. The rectangular plastic crisper is easy to store moisturey foods such as fruits, vegetables and seafood due to the water receiving plate. The round plastic crisper is ideal for storing sauces, sauces and a variety of side dishes. A variety of plastic crispers are used together to make the refrigerator more tidy. Use a variety of plastic crispers when storing food. The refrigerator plastic crisper is good for food preservation. It can ensure that people can isolate the food as much as possible to prevent cross-contamination.

1. Raw materials: As consumers pay more and more attention to health, people pay attention to whether the materials used in the plastic crisper itself are healthy. Hygienic and safe materials are harmless to the human body, such as PC materials, PE materials and PP materials. The more common plastic crisper material is PP material.

2. Transparent: Plastic storage boxes are generally made of transparent or translucent materials. In this way, you can easily confirm the contents of the box without having to open the box when you use it.

3. Appearance: The plastic storage box with excellent quality has a lustrous appearance, beautiful design and no burrs.

4. Heat resistance: The plastic storage box has higher requirements on heat resistance, does not deform in high temperature water, and can even be sterilized in boiling water.

5. Durable: Plastic crisper should have superior impact resistance, not easy to break when pressed or impacted, and will not leave scratches. 

6. Sealing: This is the first consideration for choosing a plastic crisper. Although different brands of products are sealed in different ways, excellent sealing is a necessary condition for the long-term preservation of memory food.

7. Preservation: The international standard for sealing measurement is evaluated by the moisture permeability test. The high-quality plastic crisper is 200 times lower than the moisture permeability of similar products, and can keep things fresh for a longer time.

8. Space saving: reasonable design, plastic storage boxes of various sizes can be placed and combined in an orderly manner, keeping them neat and saving space.

9. Microwave heating: It is more convenient to heat food directly in the microwave oven.

10. Versatility and diversity: Design plastic storage boxes of different sizes and performances for life, making life more convenient.

Preservation principle
1. Estä veden leviäminen ja osallistu tiivistämiseen;

2. Prevent food from losing its original flavor when stored;

3. Ilman eristäminen ruoan hapettumisen estämiseksi (tartunta);

Different shapes store different things and are more convenient to use. In addition to the usual squares, rectangles, circles, and suits designed for picnics, life is easier and more convenient.

Neliön muovinen säilytyslaatikko: erinomaista sulkemiskykyä, joka sopii elintarvikkeiden säilyttämiseen, voi estää hajua jääkaapissa, joka soveltuu eri mausteiden, jäännösten, jäljellä olevien tölkkien, hedelmien ja vihannesten säilyttämiseen. Helppo käyttää jääkaapissa, pakastimissa, mikroaaltouunissa ja muissa käyttötarkoituksissa.

Suorakulmainen muovinen murskain: sopii pekonin ja lihan säilyttämiseen. Veden vastaanottolevyn takia ruokaa on helppo säilyttää kosteudessa. Suuri kapasiteetti suorakulmainen muovinen crisper soveltuu hedelmien, vihannesten ja äyriäisten säilyttämiseen.

Round plastic storage box: suitable for long-term storage of various condiments, canned fruits, miscellaneous grains, nuts, tea and other foods, easy to use in refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens. The oblong design is ideal for storing drinks, children's milk and all kinds of cereals, nuts and tea during the wild.

Korkean tynnyrin muovinen säilytyslaatikko: soveltuu pitämään pitkät ruokaelementit, kuten nuudelit ja kurkut. Koska korkean muovisen muovisen säilytyslaatikon korkeus on korkeampi kuin yleisen muovisen säilytyslaatikon, muotin koko ja muotinpoistovaatimukset ovat korkealla prosessointiteknologiassa, joten markkinat Ei ole paljon valmistajia, jotka pystyvät tuottamaan korkean tynnyrin muoviset säilytyslaatikot, ja tuotteita on suhteellisen vähän.

Keeping fresh box is every family needs to use.and be sure to keep fresh, let we don't know what to place it, we had a Keeping fresh box, multilayer, special, specially designed for placing fruit .in it and convenient storage, can easily in the refrigerator, fresh elegant, practical, It 's worth it.

Precautions for use
1. Ordinary plastic plastic storage boxes should not be placed in microwave ovens and ovens, because plastics at high temperatures can produce harmful substances. If you use microwave ovens frequently, it is best to use plastic storage box of polycarbonate (PC) material; if you use continuous sterilization at a temperature of about 70 degrees, please do not exceed 20~30 minutes. The hot part of ordinary dishwasher is at the bottom. Relatively speaking, the upper part is indirectly transferred, so it is better to put it on the top of the dishwasher. Plastic products made of polypropylene are also high in heat resistance, but if heated for a long time, the product will be deformed and elongated. Therefore, after cleaning, if you want to use it immediately, please put the plastic crisper in cold water and use it again. This is a good way to prevent deformation. In addition, the tempered glass plastic crisper may blew itself when it is extremely cold and extremely hot.

2. Different foods have different storage time. Do not rely solely on the sealing ability of plastic storage boxes. They should be eaten as soon as possible. P.P (polypropylene) plastic crisper, which can be used for a short period of time when used in a microwave oven, but cannot be used as a cooking container for use in a microwave oven. (Do not use more than 3 minutes for short-term heating and thawing.)

3. When placing the microwave oven, you must first loosen the lid joint to use it. When the lid is locked, the plastic crisper will be deformed or burst due to pressure. When used in a microwave oven, if the amount of oil and sugar in the food is relatively large, the plastic crisper will be deformed when the temperature rises rapidly.

4. When cleaning the plastic crisper, use a softer sponge. Do not use a hard brushed cloth to avoid scratches and discolor the plastic crisper. When cleaning the silicone resin gasket between the lid and the container, do not use force to pull it, otherwise it will break or lengthen.

5. Hot food will cause the air to swell, which will reduce the sealing performance of the plastic crisper. Therefore, it should be stored after the food has cooled. The bubbles in carbonated drinks (soda, cola, etc.) will lose the sealing ability of the plastic crisper. Do not store it in a plastic crisper.

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